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Projector Servicing and Cleaning

Creative Audio-Visual Solutions offer a complete projector service ensuring higher image quality, longer lamp life and quieter operation.
Although filters on any projector should be regularly checked and cleaned, dust penetrates the casing and slowly covers the optics and each individual lens element within the main lens. This can cause a noticeable blurring and visible purple patches on the image with the only cure being a full internal clean of the projector optics, LCD panels and lens elements.
CAVS can easily access any projector up to a height of 7m without the need for costly scaffolding and internally clean a projector within 2 hours.

Utilising precision instruments by experienced AV engineers (fully trained and insured), CAVS provide this service to many Schools, Churches and corporate businesses throughout the UK – proving to be a cost-effective exercise in reducing the running costs and increasing the life of all multimedia projectors.

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To book your projector service or to discuss initial requirements, please call
0844 5678 065 or e-mail: sales@CAVSolutions.co.uk